Organizational Capacity Building of Local User Groups

This intervention included preparation of a Training Manual and training national trainers on the using it in a regional workshop. A regional consultant for organizational capacity building of local user groups was contracted in June 2014. During November-December 2014, the consultant participated in a field mission in Sudan, jointly arranged by Component 1 and Component 2 of the Project. The mission aimed at identifying training needs, priorities and requirements under components 1 & 2 (MPAs management/ fishing communities) in consultation with the national stakeholders, steering committee, and community. A first draft of the manual was submitted in February 2015. This draft was reviewed by component coordinator and the international consultant for review of LMR legislations/policies, and further reviewed through the Regional Workshop on Guidelines for implementation of Ecosystem Approach in Management of Living Marine Resources held on June 8th-11th 2015 in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia