National workshop on review and discussion of the environmental monitoring results of Dungonab and Mukawwar Island Marine Protected Area - Sudan

In collaboration between the Regional Organization for Conservation of the Environment of the Red Sea and Gulf of Aden PERSGA and the Red Sea Ministry of Environment and Tourism, a two day national workshop has been organized on review and discussion of the environmental and socio-economic monitoring results in Dungonab and Mukkawar Island Marine Protected area - Sudan. The workshop was hosted by the Red Sea University and took place between May 31st and June 1st 2016 in the Red sea University Culture Studies Centre of Beja, Port Sudan. It was attended by more than fifty participants representing relevant stakeholders in Port Sudan as well as local community in Dungonab and Mohammad Gol villages. The workshop comes within the framework of implementing Component 3 activities of the SEM Project. The purpose of the workshop was to:
update the concerned stakeholders including local authorities of the findings of the monitoring activities conducted up to May 2016.
give the concerned stakeholders a chance to express their issues of concern regarding the management of the coastal area of Dungonab and Mukwwar Island Marine Protected area, particularly with respect to monitoring activities.
discuss the progress up to date and lessons learned, also to discuss the next step and plans to sustain the monitoring program as well as the potential for expanding/extending the current program.
Monitoring activities in Sudan are carried out by the Faculty of Marine Sciences and Fisheries, Red Sea University. The SEWM Project Monitoring Program in Sudan includes monitoring of seawater quality, key habitats and species, Sea grass, Mangrove as well as social and economic variables, with the emphasis on participation of stakeholders and local community members in monitoring activities.