Follow up of Monitoring Activities and Procurement of Monitoring Equipment

The main focus in Component 3 during 2016 was follow up of the monitoring activities in countries that have signed monitoring contracts, basically Jordan and Sudan; and working with the National Coordinators for developing Monitoring Contracts and imitating monitoring activities in Djibouti and Egypt. Refining the lists of equipment and reviewing the specifications were also major interventions. By the end of June 2016 Monitoring contracts have been signed with all participating countries and most of the equipment requested by Egypt and Jordan either delivered or purchased with delivery times expected to extend till the end of year. Focus has also been on establishing a web enabled database. In this regard a consultant ToR has been prepared and thorough follow up of collecting data generated by the National Monitoring Teams has been in place. Bringing data of the different monitoring teams to the same format has been a major task that will be continued with the Database Consultant once contracted.