National Workshop on Monitoring Indicators of the Impact of Wastewater on Coral Reef in Sudan Applying Ecosystembased Management Principles

In collaboration between the Regional Organization for Conservation of the Environment of the Red Sea and Gulf of Aden, Sudanese Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources and Physical Development and the Ministry of Environment and Tourism in the Red Sea State, a two-day national workshop on monitoring indicators of the impact of wastewater on coral reef has been organized. The workshop activities took place between September 19th and 20th 2016 in Al-Salam Conference Hall in Port Sudan. It was attended by about forty participants representing different stakeholders concerned with to the coastal and marine environment issues in Sudan.

This workshop comes within the framework of the implementation of the Project of Wastewater Management in Coastal Cities on the Red Sea and Gulf of Aden, which is implemented by PERSGA in collaboration with the United Nations Environment Program UNEP; and the SEM Project implemented in collaboration between PERSGA and the World Bank and funded by GEF, Component 3 in particular. The main objective of this workshop was to discuss the guidelines prepared by PERSGA for monitoring indicators of wastewater discharge impact on coral reef, which focus on the involvement of different stakeholders in monitoring activities to raise environmental awareness, and to promote their active participation in the protection of coastal and marine resources, which comprise the main source of livelihood for coastal communities.

The Guidelines complement PERSGA work on promoting management applying Ecosystembased principles. It is hoped that through the SEM Project and these guidelines that harmonized national monitoring programs could be achieved to feed in a regional program aiming at providing the necessary information for stakeholders and policy makers involved in marine and coastal resource management and promote employing the scientific approach as a basis in planning and developing relevant strategies.