Meetings with Local Government Authorities and NGOs at Mohamed Gol and Port Sudan

A series of meetings were held in the beginning of June 2016 with the Commissioner of Gebeit El Maaden, local Municipality at Dungonab and Mohamed Gol, Fishermen Associations at both villages, Women Development Society at M. Gol, Women Development Society at Dungonab, and Society of Fishermen Friends: a women society at Dungonab. These meetings discussed the selected subprojects in terms of their significance to the area, feasibility, sustainability and operation mechanisms.

Selected subprojects, which were considered feasible and in harmony with the municipality development plan included: the provision of fishing gears maintenance services near landing sites in Mohamed Gol and Dungonab; provision of household products facilities for women in both villages; encourage ecotourism and visitors through operation of glass-bottom boats; and solar energy and water solutions. On the other hand the selected subproject on salt production was considered not feasible, based on previous experience of the local government with some investors, because the proposed production area (natural lagoon at Rawaia area) is remote, difficult to reach by the workers and vehicles, so small scale production will be not reasonable.