First Focus Group Meeting for Recommendations Concerning Alternative Livelihoods Subprojects for Fishers of DMMNP, Sudan

This meeting was held on November 26th 2016 in Port Sudan in the framework of the consultancy on identification of option list of feasible livelihoods subprojects. Thirty key experts and informants from stakeholder community, including the relevant government agencies of fishery, environment, wildlife, university, wildlife and research; NGOs comprising the local fishers society, women society at Dungonab, and Sudanese Environment Conservation Society, and mayors of Dungonab and Mohamed Gol. The meeting was managed and guided by the contracted National Consultant in the presence of all the fisheries sector experts. Several possibilities for fisheries ALS were suggested to brainstorm and guide the working groups discussion. The participants after evaluating all the suggestions provided by the attendees recommended the following option list as ALS for the fishers of DMMNP:
Mariculture: Cage farming of 3 marine fish species (Mullets, Sigan and Chanos spp) & Shell farming (establishment of family shell farms).
Establishment of fishing gear maintenance and manufacturing workshop.
Conversion of shell and fish wastes to poultry fodder and\or fertilizer through drying and milling.
Salt production.
Establishment of small scale ecotourism activities.
The option list represents the most practically and economically feasible recommendation based on the information provided by the fisheries experts at the time of the meeting. Further assessment will evaluate the option list to select priorities based on further consultation with the stakeholders community and feasibility assessment.