National Workshop on Mainstreaming Ecosystem Approach and Co-management Principles in LMR Legislations and Policies in Jordan

This workshop in Jordan, comes in this framework of organizing national follow up activities in order to discuss and validate the national legislation assessment findings and recommendations, and to build up momentum for the follow-up actions in the member states, in order to support mainstreaming EBM principles in national laws, policies and management plans. The workshop was held on 2nd November 2015 at Aqaba, and attended by 22 participants, including representatives of national agencies and national stakeholders, the national consultant, the SEM project national coordinator and PERSGA PCU members.

Presentations in the workshop were delivered by the national consultant and the regional PERSGA/ LMR coordinator, which were followed by discussion sessions. The main outcomes of the workshop included validation and enrichment of the national assessment results and recommendations on policy and legislation required to mainstream of EBM and co-management principles; and formulation of a road map and plan for follow up activities regarding LMR legislations/policies and management reforms. Following the workshop, the national coordinator worked to establish a national committee of all relevant stakeholders with ToR of proposing legislation reforms and follow up with national legislative authorities to back up the proposal.