Field Mission in Khartoum and Port Sudan, Republic of Sudan

A delegation from PERSGA consisting of Component one Coordinator and the Financial Manager visited Sudan during the period December 10-16th 2016. The team met with General Manager of Sudanese General Wildlife Administration (SWGA) and his team in Khartoum to discuss their requests and priorities from SEM-Component One. The mission also aimed at sharing views on the progress of the implementation of the project activities. They thank and acknowledge PERSGA for updating the management plan of Dungonab Bay Mukkawar Island NP and need more integrated management plan that include beside Dungonab NP, the Sanganeeb NP. Also they discussed with General Wildlife Administration the equipments needed that help for the implementation of the management plan.

PERSGA team visit Port Sudan and made field visits to Dungonab Bay-Mukkawar Island NP to see on the ground the process of the main Park building renovation and maintenance, the process of introducing 5 outposts along the park boarders and the installation of the park signages. Also the team followed up on some activities of the SEM-project component TWO, such as the renovation of the women club buildings, the workshop buildings at both villages (Dungonab and Mohammad Qol). Back to Khartoum again, PERSGA team met with the head of the Higher Council of the Environment and Forests and discussed with him the progress in SEM project activities in Sudan, then met with Vice Minister (PERSGA focal point) and present a briefing on what PERSGA do recently at Sudan in general and in Dungonab NP in particular. At the End of the mission, PERSGA team met with H.E. Minister of Environment and they present to H.E briefings on the SEM project and PERSGA activities in Sudan and latest updates for preparation of the Centre of Emergency during Oil pollution..