Preparation of livelihoods subprojects’ documents for DMMNP

Based on the above consultation meetings with the local experts and community groups; and the local government authorities and NGOs, the consultant worked to complete DMMNP subprojects’ documents, including the following subprojects and vision:
i. Mohamed Qol and Dugnobab women empowerment through Household Production of Pastry, Poultry and Milky Goat Rearing: a gender based livelihood subproject design to enhance the capacity of the already existing women skills in order to enable the women to have a share in family income generation. The subproject would produce conventional home-made or farm-raised products with minimal consumption of energy and production of waste. The product would be branded as home-made or farm-raised product by Mohamed Gol and Dungonab villages Women Committee.
ii. Operation of Glass-bottom Boat Tours at Dungonab Bay and Mukkawar Island Marine National Park (DMMNP): an environmentally friendly, community-based, livelihood subproject to support community income from non-extractive use of living marine resources contributing to conservation of marine environment, and at the same time, increases income generated to improve health, education, water, and services. It, therefore, should enhance the community welfare and the sense of togetherness through the participatory approach to manage the assets of this ALS, and their perception/ participation to support protection of the unique marine environment and biodiversity characterizing the DMMNP, also as a Global Natural Heritage area.
iii. Fishing Gears Maintenance and Services Centres for Mohamed Gol and Dungonab Villages: a community managed subproject to provide maintenance services for fishing boats and gears of the fishermen of the MPA on cost recovery and marginal profit base. Profit would be