Final Draft of the Management Plan of Dungonab Bay- Mukawar Island National Park Ready, March 21st 2016 and Contribution of the Project to Inscribing Senganeb and Dungonab as a UNESCO World Heritage Natural Centre

The SEM-MPA international consultant sent the final draft of the management plan and submitted by MPA coordinator. Then the management plan (English version) send to the regional consultant to synthesize it to the Arabic language. Both cleared versions were distributed on most of MPA stakeholders in Sudan. By finalising this Management Plan the Project has significantly contributed to the process of grading Sanganeb and Dungonab Bay – Mukkawar Island Marine National Parks as World Natural Heritage Sites. National Teams of Experts and the UNESCO Chair for Marine Science, and Members of the National Committee for Education, Science and Culture in Khartoum participated in consultation meetings during National Workshops organised by the Project.