Adoption of the Regional Protocol on Cooperation in Management of Fisheries and Aquaculture in the Red Sea and Gulf of Aden

This is considered as one of the pivotal achievements of the SEM project. Though development of this protocol started in 2012, the SEM support has significantly moved the process forward through facilitating regional dialogue and meetings. During the period November 8th-10th 2016 a regional meeting was organized at PERSGA HQ in Jeddah. Delegates from all member states have agreed on the final version of the Protocol in Arabic, English and French languages. Consequently, a meeting of plenipotentiaries to sign the Protocol will be held on February 28th 2017. The new protocol provides legal basis for collaborative and coordinated mechanisms among PERSGA states to regulate fisheries, combat IUU fishing, adopt regional bio-security and bio-safety systems in aquaculture, and implement ecosystem approach to fishery management and aquaculture development, which considered as a very important addendum to Jeddah Convention (1982)